Monday, June 9, 2014

1) To me, 20 Time was kind of boring. Mostly because I choose a bad topic in the beginning of the year. the second half of the year, when I changed my project, I wasn't really doing all that much so it was boring too. I do like the overall idea of 20 Time, but I should of choose a better topic.

 2)Maybe instead of a blog post every other week, you could do one at the end of the month so the students would have more to write about because for me, I had a problem with finding stuff to write.

3)The fact that they get to choose anything shouldn't change.

4)Yes, because it lets them open up their minds and be creative, learn new things, and have experiences they wouldn't have had if they didn't do 20 Time.

5)Don't choose a topic that you aren't passionate about! you will not have fun!!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

most of my drawings

These are a lot of the drawings I did throughout this project

Monday, May 12, 2014

        For the past two weeks, I have really been stressing over this presentation. Though I haven't worked on it that much, I have just been nervous. I don't really want to do a presentation because I defiantly do not want to do the Ted Talk. but it required so I will just have to deal with it. I know my talk will be about schools needing to encourage creativity in their students, but I am still not quite sure how i am going to put this thing together. i don't know how to come up with a solution to the problem because i am not good with these things at all. i started an outline on what i need to accomplish is a certain amount of time and what order things will go in but that is all i have done.
Part 1:(around two minutes)
  • Talk about project. Describe what it is and why it is important to me.
  • Mention problem and how my project lead to it. 
  • Part 2:(around 3 minutes)
    • Describe the problem; why schools should encourage creativity.
    • Why should people care about this?
  • Part 3:(around 3 minutes)
    • Solutions. How people can help to make this happen. 
    • Why teachers and students should strive for this
            I need to still figure out what i am going to say and things of that sort but i still have a week or so, and i usually work better at the last minute. i honestly don't want to do this presentation...........

    P.S., I haven't really been working on my drawings at all i think i need to get started up on those again.

    Sunday, April 27, 2014

    Presentation overview

    For the past two weeks I've been thinking more about my presentation for the end of the year. I am pretty sure i will be talking about how schools discourage creativity in a class such as history, english, and all of the basics like that. They pretty much have a strict guideline on what you need to learn and accomplish for the year, but mostly have boring ways to get there. Some people, like me, are visual hands-on learners who like to do creative fun activities to get things to stuck in their minds. Wether its a poster, powerpoint, or anything creative like that helps a whole lot better than sitting a listening to a boring lecture about George Washington cutting down a cherry tree. When there is something you can do with your hands or that makes you use the creative side of your brain goes a longer way. 

    The right side of your brain deals with creativity, while the left with knowledge and things of that source. But if you do activities in school that help with both side kids learn more and remember it more. So this is what i will be talking about, why schools should encourage creativity in students.

    Sunday, March 23, 2014

    new drawings

          In the past two weeks, I finished three of four drawings. I didn't take a picture of the fourth because I don't know if I even want to finish it at all yet. But I have been working pretty hard to finish the first two pictures because they were very time consuming. The one drawn in graphite pencils took three days to draw because I was using a picture from instagram and it I very difficult for me to draw from looking at a picture because I usually do not do that. the one drawn with the blue pencil took two days, I think, but the hair was the part that took the longest.

         Since we are reading The Great Gatsby in English, I thought that I would draw a picture involving the book in some way. Which is why I drew the picture of the glasses. I haven't read this part of the book but I thought that someone said it was important so I googled the quote and drew the picture. the eyes of this picture turned out really cool. I like how the color of the irises turned out. its hard to see but I drew the glasses with this metallic gold colored pencil which in person looks pretty cool. I don't know why the picture is all crooked so sorry about that. well that is pretty much all I did these two weeks.

     original photo by Alana Taylor

    Sunday, March 2, 2014

    20 feedback/started a drawing

    Favorite thing about 20 time: My favorite thing about 20 time would have to be that you get to express what you love to do and create something out of it.
    Least favorite thing about 20 time: My least favorite thing about 20 Time would have to be the presenting part. I really dont like the fact that i am going to have to memorize an eight minute speech when i can barely remember a phrase in french. 
    The thing I would change: I would change the presentation. Like be able to use note cards just for a short glance to know where you are going because, personally, i tend to trail off topic and talk about random stuff that doesnt invole anything. I like the comfort of having some notes as a backbone to my presentation. 

         Well, this week i started two drawings. One i intend to finish, and one i have no intent at even looking at ever again. I would of had more drawing started but my house has been cery hectic this weekend. So on friday a pipe in my house froze from these rediculous Michigan temperatures and it burst and flooded my walls and ceilings of half the rooms. So we have had people working all day every day blowing these very large, loud fans everywhere and there are tubes everywhere. So it has pretty much been some of the worst conditions to create art in, which is why i havent done much. 

         I plan on doing two or more drawings next week and finishing the one i started because i have half days most of the week and these fans and tubes will be gone. The one that i really look forward to finishing is a picture of a girl that i got from instagram. To me this is the only good drawing that i have took from a real life picture, if that makes any sense. But that is pretty much all that has happened this week so ya. Here is the picture i started...

    Sunday, February 23, 2014

    Well i haven't worked much on my 20 Time for the past two weeks because i was in florida this past week and was too busy and the week before i started some but never felt like finishing. I started a drawing in florida but i don't want to post it until it is completed. I will try to do more this week with my art. I am thinking of drawing the photography i took in florida just to practice taking things from a picture and replicating it, if that makes any sense. I see other people do it perfectly and i want to be able to do that also. Well thats all i have for this post, bye.