Friday, October 25, 2013

The ideas are flowing

Ok so I gave up on the insane asylum idea because I couldn't figure out a plot. So instead, I am writing a book about a kid who is a freshman in high school and turning all of his experiences into a guide for the incoming freshman for the next year. The kids name is going to be Tommy but I don't know what his last name will be yet. Tommy is a kid who is always trying to fit in. His best friend, Kyle, is a super nerd about everything nerdy in the world. Tommy is always embarrassed about how much of a geek Kyle is, but he can never turn his back on him. There is this sophomore girl, Emma, which Tommy is madly in love with. She is the typical popular girl: blonde, really good grades, rich parents, and a daddy's girl. 

The teachers are going to be really weird. Like the science teacher is going to be a "vampire," the art teacher will be crazy, the English teacher will be strict, the history teacher will be a new teacher who is fun, the French teacher will be foreign but not from France(really ironic), and so on. Thats mostly what i have so far. 


  1. Great idea, Matt. Most writers have the best outcomes when they write about what they know. What do you know better than being a high school student? Looking forward to hearing where your thoughts take you.

  2. Cool book idea! My daughter is 13 and she enjoys writing poetry and short stories. Being a freshman can be tough so your idea to create a book where a current freshman records his experiences to give advice to the next group of freshman is a great idea. At the school where I did my student teaching last year they have something called "Freshman Focus." All the freshman students are required to attend and it takes place at the beginning of their lunch period for the first 10-15 minutes. Junior and Senior students lead the group activities and discussions while the classroom teacher observes to make sure things are running smoothly. Some things they talk to the freshman about are: bullying, grades, how to stay organized, etc. That would be an interesting idea you could add to your book.

    The descriptions of your teachers were funny. I recently acquired my license to teach English in grades 7-12. The teacher that I did my student teaching with was very nerdy. She loved sentence diagramming and grammar. She was obsessed with Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Maybe you can give one of your teachers some of those characteristics. Other teachers that can be added: Math, Home Economics, Gym, Music, etc.
    Good luck.