Sunday, February 9, 2014

Colored pencil

This week i focused more towards using colored pencil for my drawings. Colored pencil is tricky because its hard to layer and erase. But it also has a great turnout.  Colored pencil is actually a lot easier than graphite because you don't have to convert from color into black and white. I also like experimenting with different color patterns and designs. 

The colored pencils i use are Prismacolor Soft core which are, which the name implies, soft. Being soft helps with the blending process. I only drew two things this week but i still think that is a good amount. Well here are the two drawings.

This is a drawing of a psychic eye.

This is another candle drawing.

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  1. These look awesome Matt! I love using color pencils! Just a little tip: Blending is much easier if you lightly shade - this is good to remember if you aren't using soft pencils. I know you said you like to experiment with patterns and designs but I was wondering if something inspired the ones you used in the psychic eye or if you came up with them in your head.