Monday, February 3, 2014

Starting to draw

I totally forgot about my blog post so im writing it a little late. Well this whole choosing art for my project is really working out for me. It has given me a reason to set aside time to improve on my skills. I still need to talk to Mr. Provenzano about switching it but i think that he will approve on it. I drew a few pictures this week and am still working on one. The one that i am in the process of drawing is of a girl named Wisty, who is a character in one of my favorite book series. Instead of graphite, i am using my newish prismacolor pencils to draw her. Well thats about it for this post.
The drawings i did:
A drawing or a lightbulb from this summer...
And one from this week. I defiantly have improved on lightbulbs.
And then some candle i drew.

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  1. This sequence of drawings that you have done is spectacular! I especially love the candle drawing and the way you drew the wax dripping onto the stand is awesome. Although I was wondering what happened to the book you originally started writing?