Sunday, March 2, 2014

20 feedback/started a drawing

Favorite thing about 20 time: My favorite thing about 20 time would have to be that you get to express what you love to do and create something out of it.
Least favorite thing about 20 time: My least favorite thing about 20 Time would have to be the presenting part. I really dont like the fact that i am going to have to memorize an eight minute speech when i can barely remember a phrase in french. 
The thing I would change: I would change the presentation. Like be able to use note cards just for a short glance to know where you are going because, personally, i tend to trail off topic and talk about random stuff that doesnt invole anything. I like the comfort of having some notes as a backbone to my presentation. 

     Well, this week i started two drawings. One i intend to finish, and one i have no intent at even looking at ever again. I would of had more drawing started but my house has been cery hectic this weekend. So on friday a pipe in my house froze from these rediculous Michigan temperatures and it burst and flooded my walls and ceilings of half the rooms. So we have had people working all day every day blowing these very large, loud fans everywhere and there are tubes everywhere. So it has pretty much been some of the worst conditions to create art in, which is why i havent done much. 

     I plan on doing two or more drawings next week and finishing the one i started because i have half days most of the week and these fans and tubes will be gone. The one that i really look forward to finishing is a picture of a girl that i got from instagram. To me this is the only good drawing that i have took from a real life picture, if that makes any sense. But that is pretty much all that has happened this week so ya. Here is the picture i started...


  1. I am thrilled to know that you are enjoying this project for the most part! As for the speech, you may want to first practice it while also using a piece of paper that has each point that you want to discuss. Once you become comfortable with that, then you can try doing the speech without the paper - you may be able to visualize the paper in your head! I also wanted to say that I really like the way your picture is coming along! Keep up the great work :)

    1. Thank you for the advice! I will defiantly use it.