Sunday, March 23, 2014

new drawings

      In the past two weeks, I finished three of four drawings. I didn't take a picture of the fourth because I don't know if I even want to finish it at all yet. But I have been working pretty hard to finish the first two pictures because they were very time consuming. The one drawn in graphite pencils took three days to draw because I was using a picture from instagram and it I very difficult for me to draw from looking at a picture because I usually do not do that. the one drawn with the blue pencil took two days, I think, but the hair was the part that took the longest.

     Since we are reading The Great Gatsby in English, I thought that I would draw a picture involving the book in some way. Which is why I drew the picture of the glasses. I haven't read this part of the book but I thought that someone said it was important so I googled the quote and drew the picture. the eyes of this picture turned out really cool. I like how the color of the irises turned out. its hard to see but I drew the glasses with this metallic gold colored pencil which in person looks pretty cool. I don't know why the picture is all crooked so sorry about that. well that is pretty much all I did these two weeks.


 original photo by Alana Taylor


  1. You are extremely talented and that I really liked how you turned literature into art - it is very creative! I especially love the picture of the girl with the mask. To me, it seems to have a deeper meaning to it - very interesting!

  2. It is really good to see that you have found something that you love in your life. I hope you continue to stay passionate about art because you have seemingly endless potential and are already very talented.